African Yams AZ

African Yam is a long tuberous rhizome, which comes with a brownish bark-like covering or skin, enveloping a white to a yellow fleshy pulp. The pulp is rich in complex starch with a uniquely satisfying taste as well as texture. African Yam is not the same as sweet potatoes or any form of potato that you find in the main parts of the world. It is an underground tuber like potatoes, but much bigger and has an unbeatable and excellent unique taste.

This tuber is very famous in sub-Saharan Africa. Yam is a major staple food in Africa. Believe it or not, the African yam is one of the world’s healthiest food products. It is highly rich, nutritious and protects our body from many diseases. African Yam is good for the bowel, as it makes the food move well down your gut. This reduces the chances of developing illnesses like bowel cancers, diverticulitis, or chronic constipation. The African Yam is also very rich is vitamin C. This vitamin is necessary for healthy gums, skin, bones, teeth, and normal growth. Another important substance well known to be present in yam is potassium. Potassium is a type of salt that help protects our heart.

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