The Ako African Market was established in 20O3 to offer the exotic line of a wide variety of African goods online at unbeatable prices. Miss Florence Amoako established this African good online retail shop to offer the clients from African community as well as the culture enthusiasts who love to have quality African goods at their homes. Miss Florence Amoako realized there was a paucity of natural, authentic, and pure African products in the United States from Africa. Her goal is to combine a variety of innovative items such as Organic Red Palm Oil, Herbal Medicines, Shea Butter, Black African soap, African Tea, African paintings, African Yams, African Dresses, African grocery, African Whole grain and lots more.

The mission of the Ako African Market is to bring the goods from the historic past of the great African continent to tailor them to fit today's contemporary life while still maintaining the authenticity of these products. Whether you are an African living in the USA, searching for that taste of home, or a typical homegrown American looking to broaden your horizons, we have all the exotic products to suit your needs and connect you with an authentic African experience. All our online African goods are of the highest quality, imported from across the Atlantic and expertly sourced to ensure that you are our valued client, will receive only the best.

Although we have a huge range of African products online, we constantly research new products. We also attend to the requests of our customers and will go to great lengths to supply a commodity which there is a need for. Hoping to see you in our African online shop soon! Come join our family!